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Monday, April 13, 2015

2015 APL: Four new publications on 2015-04-14

Only four publications this week, since there's been some administration to catch up with.

The first one is an ebay image donation of ebay seller cotswoldcats, a lovely length of embroidery for an unknown purpose, and its charted design.

The second is a theatre scenery design. There's three of these in a series, and we have two of them. This is King Lear, the other is Faust, the third one was too expensive ;-) even when I was earning more than I do now. The designs are lovely, but "empty", there's only background because that's what the scenery design is. I have been playing around with the idea of having one as wallpaper image, there's printing companies that will print a high resolution image on a wallpaper to cover a wall 2 meters high and 3 wide. The raw images have the required resolution. Unfortunately, every wall in my house is covered in bookcases or otherwise stacked books, there's no room for a wall painting.

Third are the rice paper flowers that I was thinking of two weeks ago, and forgot to do last week. Although there were maybe twelve flowers printed, there were actually only two designs each in two colors, so I picked one of each. They can easily be drawn by hand if the printer does not take thin paper, and then colored and covered with wax to bring out the colors.

The fourth and final one is the Young Ladies Journal Complete Guide To The Worktable, a quite wellknown and famous book about the fundamentals of needlework. Well, "fundamentals", here and there a bit more advanced work as well.

Enjoy this new set, and if there's anything you can add to our knowledge about these publications or their contents, don't hesitate to let us know.
Best wishes,

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