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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Avatar Repertory Theater Presents North of Boston Friday March 11th 7PM PST

YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED to join Avatar Repertory Theater for a dramatization of Robert Frost's 1915 modernist masterpiece "NORTH OF BOSTON", presented live in voice, Friday, March 11 at 7pm Pacific Time in Second Life  for more info visit http://vwbpe.org/event/the-avatar-repertory-theater-presents-north-of-boston?instance_id=61
From the hired hand who finally comes home, to a man who will never walk the New England woods again for his beloved native orchids, Robert Frost paints his metaphors into the lives of country people in a rich and formidable land.
Adapted for virtual theater by Judith Adele (Ada Radius)
ACTORS: Kayden Oconnell, JadaBright Pond, Sodovan Torok, Em Jannings and Ada Radius.
SETS by Ada Radius, featuring the artwork of Aley (Pirate collection). All pieces free to copy.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Another reason why I love building in OpenSim! The so-called "Land Impact" values.
Here is a comparison of land impact values for identical mesh model uploads, that I tested in OpenSim, then uploaded into Second Life. In both grids, 1 prim = 1 land impact value. For these low-poly mesh models, which have fewer vertices than if I built them with prims, the values are different.

"Land Impact" values, SL vs OpenSim grids:
Chair                           56                             1
Cupboard                    87                             1
Table                            6                              1
Bed                             41                             4
                                --------                    --------
                                 190                              7

These models are nothing fancy, just some simple furniture for a theater set for Avatar Repertory Theater, where, because of the limited numbers of prims allowed on a Second Life sim, I have a tight prim budget. The 183 extra "land impact" meant I was over budget. So I did what everyone does - substitute prims for the chairs @14 prims each, and sculpties for the cupboard, pillow, mattress and coverlet, which do not texture nearly as well and are harder on viewers. I got to keep the table and bed frame.