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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015 Shop and support New Media Arts at the same time

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

2015 APL : Three new publications on 2015-06-14

Before I get into the new publications, another remark first (just to make sure everybody reads it, since not everybody reaches the last paragraph. Actually, do read the last paragraph this time...)
If you have a lovely item of needlework, from which a pattern could be reconstructed, you might consider taking proper pictures and let us have them, with permission to publish. That's what I'm asking of ebay sellers who have an item that's too expensive for us (or just too big to ship, like a chair) and whose photographs are of suitable quality. Quite a number of them give permission, and we owe them many lovely items. Next time, a beaded necklace, design goes back to 1820 because I found it in my Penelope first volume. 

Now about the publications:

The first one is a DMC album, Broderies au point de Croix 1. Actually, we have all three volumes, but some copyright research is still pending. However, Franciska Ruessink has a really really old version, back from the time DMC didn't do color prints yet, and that one is old enough to be published without a single hesitation. She scanned and edited them too, saving me quite some work - thank you, Franciska!

The second is one of Mlle du Puigaudeau. She did some lovely crochet books for Cartier Bresson around 1910. When I'm looking for her publications, I search for Puigaudeau and get tons of listings - all for books about Morocco, Sahara, Mauretania etc. Only half an hour ago I found out that the Odette du Puigaudeau who wrote THOSE books is the same Mlle du Puigaudeau who wrote THESE books. Wow. She died in the 1990s, 'forgotten by all' as one website put it. Well, let's honor her memory - apart from her expertise in ethnography she must have been an outstanding needleworker, to do all this work when she was only 18 years old or thereabouts. 
By the way, if anybody sees a book like this written by her, send me a note. We don't have a complete collection yet, and I'm still looking for several of her books. One of them is Luxeuil de Crochet, offered for 150 USD (we don't want that one, I can't pay that much). The same title was sold a year or two ago for 15 EUR, on Delcampe. I'm willing to pay some 40 EUR for titles we don't have.
This book is from my own collection, but it has languished a bit. We have to balance publications that I donate with those donated by others. But since Mama has been so kind to re-scan it (actually, that was by accident since it got in the stack to-be-done when it should have been on the other stack, and of course Mama did not know that), it can get published thanks to her effort.

The last one is one of Adrienne's crochet books from the fifties. Table mats galore for those who can handle a crochet hook. Strawberries, leaves, grapes, flowers... Thank you, Adrienne!

Enjoy this new set. 

Last paragraph: I have heard it say that several commercial firms have taken some liberties with their end user agreements which rarely are read. One (Pitstop) offered some goodies for people, at the end of their user agreeement and few people ever applied for them. That was funny. But I've heard worse, but can't verify that one so I won't repeat it here. Still, what with Paypal wanting to spam or robocall you, it pays to read everything. 

Best wishes all,

Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015 APL: Three new publications on 2015-06-08

This week, again three new publications. It looks like I'd best return to the two/three publications at-a-time schedule. There's more stuff in the pipeline - let's see if we can at least keep going at this rate.

The first on the list is an ebay donation, of antiquesandmooresales, of a very lovely beadwork panel. Bright colors (beads keep their colors better than yarn) and only a few broken here and there - charting went faster than usual for reconstructing an executed pattern.
I did change the pattern around a little, little bit, so the repeats fit the design better. If you look very very close you'll see a few extra lines here and there. Chances are that the original pattern was different too, and the maker adapted it to fit the dimensions of this work.

The second has been available elsewhere for ages (though I wonder how many actually have found it) via archive.org and via the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, who gave permission to re-edit and re-publish. I charted the patterns instead of editing. There's a link EXTERNAL PDF which points to the original pdf.
There'll be another pdf with the charted designs (later).

The third is also an ebay donation, of rupertandtoby, from whom I've bought a lovely little parasol in the past and some other sewing-related knickknacks (is that the right word?) There's a similar item shown in Wikipedia's page on Berlin woolwork.
There was another one on ebay with florentine flame stitch, but otherwise quite similar, that I did not get permission to republish for. However, http://www.ebay.com/itm/381268406504 will show it. Have a look while it's still there.
Those of you gentle ladies and gentlemen who specialize in bags and purses, I'd like to ask you if we have a description of how-to make such a bag somewhere in our publications? I don't know them all and I don't remember seeing this anywhere, but it should be fairly easy to sew, and it'd be lovely to showcase a piece of embroidery. The tassels are described in Dillmonts Encyclopedia, I remember that.

In the meantime, enjoy this set, and look through our catalog for any other treasures that you did not notice yet. There'll be more. Many more.
Best wishes,

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NMA Presents Joe Rizzo Live from Cookie II on Kitely @ 12PM PDT

Tuesday, June 2nd @ 12PM PDT
hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Cookie II/488/461/100

His style draws on so many elements while remaining rooted in everything that is the best about Bay Area, California. His stellar work on guitar and use of loops and effects make this a show you can't afford to miss