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Monday, August 3, 2015

2015 SHUTIN: Housebound is not home alone. The web is pages. Virtual worlds are people.. Summary

Housebound is not home alone.
The web is pages.  Virtual worlds are people.
Updated 8/3/2015
Voluntarily housebound?  Yes.  By choice.  Oh, I walk outside on occasion, when the weather is nice.  And I go out once in a while for medical attention.  And I chat from time to time with the people in old folks home where I live.  But those people are old.  Most of my friends are online in the virtual worlds where I also live.  The are younger.  
Dancing and carousing
  • In a virtual world you don't need dancing lessons.  You just need an animation.
Background: I am 85 years old.  I live in a retirement facility.  They provide my meals so I don't have to do grocery shopping.  I can order anything else I need from Amazon, so I don't leave my computer when I go shopping.  I gave away my car several years ago because it was costing me more in time than it was worth to me.  I really needed it less than once a month, but I had to drive it once a week to be confident it would start.  Now, if I ever want to go anywhere, I can call a cab.  For what I was paying to support my car, I could pay a lot of cab fares.

I am telling about this because lots of people are housebound, not voluntarily.  They could be enjoying what I am enjoying.  

On a metaverse tour
Most of my friends are online. I go into my virtual worlds several time a day to do things and talk to some of my friends.  I am often talking to someone about an article I am writing.  I am getting information, asking for some written copy to include in an article, getting pictures (you've seen them), or occasionally getting a video.  

If you look through my blog, you will see some of what I am doing while "suffering the limitations of being housebound."   Sure, I don't go to movies.  (I do remember them. They used to be interesting.  But by now I have seen all the plots.)  I can get movies from Amazon any time I want, which isn't all that often.  But I can work with a whole group of actors, directors, writers, comedy writers, comedy acts, musical performers--in all,over 50 people doing some part of the entertainment business in virtual worlds.  

Here I am at Lauren's place

I sometimes do comedy there.  Here are a couple of my laugh lines

Starting a metaverse tour
Click image to enlarge
  • Metaverse tours
  • I am the one in the blue jeans shorts and white t-shirt with printing on it.
  • That printing is promotion for Lauren's place. 
  • Right.  I don't look my age.  In a virtual world, I can choose.
  • Who wants to look 85?
On a metaverse tour
Kitely community group meeting
Visiting Virtual New Orleans
Metaverse tours
  • Had a wonderful time.  Wish you had been there.
  • Metaverse Tours, a Google Community


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