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Monday, September 28, 2015

NMA Presents This Week 9-28-15

Wednesday,  September 30th on Kitely GridZen Arado 12PM PDT - Gaia Kitten 1PM PDThttp://www.kitely.com/virtual-world/NewMediaArts-CTO/Cookie-II  
Zen Arado (12PM PDT)
Original House music tracks using Ableton Live and Push technology. Zen experiments with various House genres like Ambient, Chillout, Soulful House, Old School, Trance. However, he mainly prefer melodic styles using female vocals and often infuses classical elements in his compositions. Zen studied Classical Guitar, first in Sydney Australia with a Concert Guitarist, Antonia Losada and then at The Belfast School of Music. With the advent of the DAW he discovered a process to create music that blends both his technical and artistic skills.

Gaia Kitten (1PM PDT)
DJ Gaia Kitten self describes the sound as 8-bit dark techno experimental progressive house strange music ambient electronic bizarre cyberpunk electronica glitchy independent music industrial low-fi techno and variations trippy weird. (A new direction may be debuted today with Gaia turning towards expressions and explorations of Steampunk.)

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