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Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015 APL: Three new publications on 2015-06-08

This week, again three new publications. It looks like I'd best return to the two/three publications at-a-time schedule. There's more stuff in the pipeline - let's see if we can at least keep going at this rate.

The first on the list is an ebay donation, of antiquesandmooresales, of a very lovely beadwork panel. Bright colors (beads keep their colors better than yarn) and only a few broken here and there - charting went faster than usual for reconstructing an executed pattern.
I did change the pattern around a little, little bit, so the repeats fit the design better. If you look very very close you'll see a few extra lines here and there. Chances are that the original pattern was different too, and the maker adapted it to fit the dimensions of this work.

The second has been available elsewhere for ages (though I wonder how many actually have found it) via archive.org and via the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, who gave permission to re-edit and re-publish. I charted the patterns instead of editing. There's a link EXTERNAL PDF which points to the original pdf.
There'll be another pdf with the charted designs (later).

The third is also an ebay donation, of rupertandtoby, from whom I've bought a lovely little parasol in the past and some other sewing-related knickknacks (is that the right word?) There's a similar item shown in Wikipedia's page on Berlin woolwork.
There was another one on ebay with florentine flame stitch, but otherwise quite similar, that I did not get permission to republish for. However, http://www.ebay.com/itm/381268406504 will show it. Have a look while it's still there.
Those of you gentle ladies and gentlemen who specialize in bags and purses, I'd like to ask you if we have a description of how-to make such a bag somewhere in our publications? I don't know them all and I don't remember seeing this anywhere, but it should be fairly easy to sew, and it'd be lovely to showcase a piece of embroidery. The tassels are described in Dillmonts Encyclopedia, I remember that.

In the meantime, enjoy this set, and look through our catalog for any other treasures that you did not notice yet. There'll be more. Many more.
Best wishes,

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