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Friday, April 10, 2015

2015 No cost, automatic support for arts on new media

No cost, automatic support for arts on new media
All you do is click that Amazon button and tell Amazon you want to send a small fraction of what you spend with them to New Media Arts.  You have to shop through the Amazon Smile page, rather than the main Amazon page.  But that is just so they can record what you spend, so they can give that tiny fraction to us.  It is the same catalog, same prices.  Check it if you want.

It is important that you shop through Amazon Smile.  Otherwise, they keep all the money.  I buy almost everything at Amazon, so I have the link to Amazon Smile in my browser favorites.  That way I have it at hand anytime.  

Why would they do this?  Marketing. Amazon is paying for people's attention. It comes out of their advertising budget. That's money that they might have paid to Facebook to remind us about Amazon.  This offer got me to put a link to Amazon Smile into my browser favorites.  Got them a lot more than they would have gotten out of an ad on Facebook.

And when I buy from Amazon Smile, I get a little window that offers to post a notice for me in Facebook saying that I supported New Media Arts. Of course I let them post that notice, because it reminds people about New Media Arts. So Amazon gets a signed mention  on FB and New Media Arts gets a signed mention plus a penny or so.  

Of course I would not do this if I did not like Amazon.  But I do like Amazon because they let me shop from my computer in the middle of the night.        
--Selby Evans


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