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Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 APL: Eight new publications on 2015-03-30

The first is one of Marleens patterns, charted and since it's a quarter pattern, with an extra illustration to show the complete pattern.

Second, another of Flora Klickmanns books, "Pillow lace and handworked trimmings". There's three sections, Pillow lace, Needlepoint laces and handmade collars, Embroideries and trimmings, so it's best qualified as a various-techniques book.

The third and fourth are donations from ebay seller lithopath. The neck pillow drew my attention first, because I've seen the half-moon shape of the pattern often, but I never knew wat it was intended for. That's one nagging question answered. The actual leaf-pattern is a tease too - I know I've seen it once, somewhere - but I can't find it anymore. It's not in the Digital Norwegian museum, though that has patterns of a similar shape.  They haven't been charted yet, I've made preparations, but charting off executed work is slower than from paper. The charts will be added when I've finished them. I still have to figure out a nice way to add a backlink to the items and/or the shop of the donor.

Fifth is another of Mark Bolhoeve's scans of Sajou fruits, charted by Franciska Ruessink. The other two (grapes and cherries) will follow the coming weeks.

Then one of my own collection: a small sampler with a religious motif, and flowers at the edges. I charted it with the colors that are actually on the sampler, but I think that when a shade of green ran out, the embroideress used a similiar but not quite the same shade. Have a look at the photograph to see what it looks like. If the colors were originally the same, maybe they bleached differently in the sun.

And then (drum roll) Wolf Dupeyron Filet Ancien I, and the charts will be added later - soon. Franciska Ruessink charted most of those books. Work on the other volumes is ongoing.

And then finally "The Wreath", a book about flower making, from 1835, so quite an old one in our catalog. Judith was occasionally a bit irritated by the quasi-humble tone of the text (some nuance that I must have missed). If you like flower making, this is something to work through. There's a funny thing, the "A Lady" who wrote it described rice paper flowers. In Marleens collection there were a few sheets of rice paper flowers ready for cutting out - now I know how they were intended to be used. Little riddles that get solved all the time - I love this work! Next week, rice paper flowers!

In addition to this, detail pages have been added to 35 existing publications. That's because I have been ill for a few days (drat that influenza virus) and during that time I'm only able to do work that does not require much thought - any thought, in fact. So, no editing, no charting, just making detail pages. Still some 300 publications to go, though.

I haven't updated the current donation page yet. So if you donated, but don't see any difference between this week and last week - mea culpa ;-)

Best wishes,

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